Artwork by Belina Wright, shows women manning a fruit stand
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For more than fifty years, Jay Shop, Inc., has been dedicated to the professional development of men and women with various disabilities and challenges - the average Jane and John Doe with sharp, vibrant, and fiercely individual perspectives to contribute. The Bourg creates opportunities for individuals with disabilities to share their incredible, quality works with a wider, discerning audience. The Bourg is amplifying the voices of the members of the human community, because sharing ideas with each other is the beginning of innovation.

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In The July Issue:

Belina Wright - Colors of Haiti

The Bourg: What is your first memory involving art and how did the experience affect you?

Belina Wright painting in sunlight.Belina: When I was younger, I noticed art at different places and remembered being totally taken into them. I stared at them for a long time, moving my eyes from object to object. I wondered how could someone paint something so beautiful.  I was too young to realize I should look at the name or titles. 

The Bourg: How do you find time to create? When do you register the most creative reflex?

Belina: I usually paint in the evenings after dinner and the kids are settled for bed. This seems to be the most interrupted time. I paint during the day if I really want to finish a piece.

The Bourg: What is your favorite work to date and why?

Belina Wright - CanavalBelina: My favorite piece changes each time I create new work. My current favorite piece is called "Canaval". It has 3  women with brightly colored skirts dancing. I love the   movement of their flowing skirts.

The Bourg: Do you have any specific intention for your work or its effect on the viewer? What might that be?

Belina Wright - Women Selling FruitBelina: I want people see the beauty of the Haitian culture through my work. I want them to experience the vibrant colors and seeing everyday people working, dancing, and enjoying music.

The Bourg: Can you tell us more about your creative process?

Belina: God gives me an idea about a painting and I start to sketch it on my tablet. I move objects around until I'm satisfiedBelina Wright - Historical Mural and then draw the image on canvas. I usually select colors spontaneously. I love to see how the painting develops. When I'm satisfied with the piece and get that internal "It's done" feeling, I sign it.

The Bourg: Is there anything you would recommend to others as they explore their own methods of expression?

Belina: I would say continue to explore and experiment with different techniques until you find your own style. As you continue to develop, your execution will be more precise. Also, never stop learning.

- Busy mom and educator, Belina Wright recreates the beauty of Haiti in her Florida studio.

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